What are the Best Shoes for Callused Feet?

If your shoes require a “breaking in” period, they may not be the right fit. Rather than forcing the shoes to fit your feet, your shoes may in fact be bending you to their will. After all, calluses grow as a protective layer to guard against high friction and pressure. Wearing loose, tight, or inflexible shoes can increase your risk of developing calluses, not to mention aggravating existing problems. Best fitting shoes are a good solution to treating calluses.

Although many sufferers choose to modify their existing footwear by adding specialized pads and inserts, others find that shoes designed for their specific problems are most effective. We’ve reviewed some of the best shoes for callused feet that can relieve your pain.

ProductDescriptionOur RatingPrice
Dr. Comfort – Men’s Carter Diabetic Casual Shoes
- Designed for diabetics
- Fit any foot - wide, swelling, hammer toes
- Extremely con
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Hylan – Pro Series Women’s Shoes
- Many colors to choose from
- Built to protect feet
- Specifically made for walking
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
InStride – LaJolla Men’s Shoes
- Highly adjustable inner support
- Variety of styles
- Options for specific needs, such as easy removal
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Best Shoes for Calluses Reviews

Dr. Comfort – Men’s Carter Diabetic Casual Shoes

Specifically designed for diabetics, who are especially vulnerable to calluses and other foot issues, Dr. Comfort’s shoes are designed to fit any foot, including wide feet, swelling feet, and hammer toes. While Dr. Comfort provides an entire line of “comfort” shoes, these are the most versatile. The shoes are made from lycra, maximizing flexibility and enabling wearers to add whatever inserts, braces, wraps, or other supports they require. A single Velcro strap makes the shoes not only easy to put on and remove, but also to adjust. This is by far one of the best shoes for callused feet.

Dr Comfort Men Carter Diabetic reviewClick here to see reviews and prices for the Dr. Comfort – Men’s Carter Diabetic Casual Shoes on

Customer Sentiment

People are exceptionally positive. Most bought the shoes to cope with multiple health problems, including swelling, and describe the shoes as study but lightweight. Most identified themselves as senior citizens, or stated they were buying the shoes for seniors in their families. The shoes satisfied many people who had difficulty finding comfortable footwear, and several others reported better balance and stability when wearing the shoes.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable for swelling feet
  • Plenty of space for additional inserts without being too loose
  • The brand offers more aesthetic designs


  • Most popular design looks a bit like a slipper, but the most of other designs lose the perfect flexibility of this particular product
  • This product has not been tested or designed for sustained movement

Dr comfort diabetic shoe is the best shoes for callused feet

Hylan – Pro Series Women’s Shoes

Where the previous example emphasized flexibility in shoes and potential users alike, this product is far more tailored – in both the literal and figurative sense. The title probably gave this away. Like Dr. Comfort, Hylan makes many shoes specially designed for troubled feet. Whereas Dr. Comfort places comfort above all, however, Hylan designs shoes that are aesthetically pleasing. This shoe, for example, comes in many colors, and many combinations of colors. These shoes also have a specific use: walking. Therefore, they feature both comfort and good support. The shoes are seamless and shock-absorbing, with extra room for toes and added depth. The leather and mesh design makes the shoes less adaptable, but fairly easy on the eyes.

Hylan Pro Series Women ShoesClick here to see reviews and prices for the Hylan – Pro Series Women’s Shoes on

Customer Sentiment

The shoes were predominantly used for work, where the people had to stand or walk for hours on end. The shoes decreased overall pain and seem to be used more for the prevention rather than healing of calluses. Note that for similar Hylan products make sure to read the description carefully, as some shoes run a half size small.


  • Range of designs similar to regular walking and running shoes
  • Shoes built to protect feet during particular tasks offer increased support and protection


  • Limited lifespan
  • The shoes’ optimization for specific activities limits their adaptability
  • Inconsistent sizing information
  • Inflexible exterior

InStride – LaJolla Men’s Shoes

This shoe comes with options. Rather than posting many versions of the same shoe with slight variations, InStride offers basic styles with options for things like Velcro straps and lycra. More importantly, the inside of the shoe is customizable. InStride’s Custom Fit System gives buyers a series of removable inserts to find their ideal support. It’s a unique way to provide support for varying foot shapes and trouble areas. Shoes also feature full grain leather and slip resistant outer soles.

InStride LaJolla Men’s ShoesClick here to see reviews and prices for the InStride – LaJolla Men’s Shoes on


  • Highly adjustable inner support
  • Variety of styles
  • Options for specific needs, such as easy removal


  • Variety makes for few customer reviews of each individual product
  • Inflexible exterior
  • Some disassembly/reassembly required

Diagram Showing Features

instride shoe features list

Final Thoughts

Finding the right pair of shoes is always a challenge. When you suffer from calluses, that challenge only becomes more difficult. While relief is central to your shopping list, you probably would prefer strangers who pass you in the street to assume you are not wearing your house slippers on the sidewalk.

Your purchase should reflect your lifestyle. If calluses grow in places your running shoes pinch, then you might need to simply swap out your old pair for some Hylan shoes. On the other hand, you may not know which shoes or activities are causing your feet to raise their defenses. You may suffer from multiple challenges that make walking difficult. In either of these cases, it is probably best to choose footwear that is comfortable and appropriate for your day to day needs.

Every footprint is unique, so it seems fitting that the best shoes for callused feet are not a one-size-fits-all affair. What are your needs? Where do you need to go with your shoes? Finding a sole mate is all about walking the same path.

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