What are the Side Effects of Corns and Callus?

If you want a healthy living life, you need take necessary steps to avoid corns and calluses. But only when they cause discomfort. Before knowing the treatment, let’s know the side effects of corn and callus: –

Side Effects of Corns and Calluses

Threat of corns and calluses increases when you see these given irregularities in your body:

Infectious arthritis:

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It is also known as septic arthritis. It usually caused by germs or fungus. This situation occurs when swelling of a joint can be felt which is mainly caused by infectivity. You would feel extreme pain, swelling and redness in the joint and might face difficulty in moving.

Bony Bump:

It is called as bunions. It is a sort of bony bump that arises at the base of your big toe where the joint is.


It is known as hammertoe. It deforms your toe and make it curl like a hook.

Bone Spur:

It is called as an osteophyte. It is an outgrowth of bone that can be formed alongside the edge of a bone.


This is a type of infection that often occurs in people with diabetes and smoking habits. This is a rare infection, only 2 out of every 10,000 people get osteomyelitis. Such circumstance affects children and adults in different ways.


Bursa is a fluid-filled bolsters that protects the joint of our body. When bursa gets aggravated and our ability to captivate shock reduces, the area around the joints also becomes exasperated and then it is called Bursitis.

Other side effects:

It thickens your skin area and makes it rough, it also provides soreness and discomfort underneath your skin. It dries your skin and makes it crumbly.

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