Best Callus Removers: Product Reviews and Tips

How to Cure Calluses on Feet?

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Calluses occur for many reason and can slowly go away. There’s no real cure for calluses, however, you can prevent calluses from happening by taking the right precautions. The idea is to identify and get stop the source of what’s causing the calluses.

I’ve put quite a few guides together on the different types of calluses as well as how to remove calluses from different parts of your bodies here:

Why Do Calluses Occur?

In my different callus removal guides, I outline the various causes of calluses. However, to make things easy for you I’ve outlined some of the main reasons for calluses below.

If you have calluses on your feet, it usually it has to do with your shoes. If you have calluses on your hands, it usually has to do with strenuous work such as lifting weights or weight training. Some other causes of calluses include:

  • Shoes are too tight
  • Shoes sole is rough
  • Wearing shoes without socks

  • Bunions
  • Flat feet
  • Curled toes (cause of corns)

What are Calluses?

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Calluses can happen in all parts of your feet

Now that you know a bit more about how to remove calluses and what causes them – you’re probably wondering what calluses are!

Calluses are typically the stumbling blocks inside your shoes. On this site, I help you find the best callus removers for you that are affordable, effective and efficient.

Like the useful calluses developed by musicians and athletes, the calluses on your feet are simply thick skin made by pressure and/or friction. While doctors can help with any painful calluses, there are many simple tools you can use on your own before making a trip to the doctor’s office. It is usually wise, however, to consult a doctor about reoccurring calluses, or calluses that resist available treatments.

Many people choose to remove their own calluses even if they do not cause pain because they don’t look nice – I know that was my main problem. Diabetics suffer from calluses far more often due to their condition and must deal with troublesome, reoccurring calluses. Depending on the cause of your callus, your doctor may prescribe specific treatments or send you to a specialist, however most day to day calluses can be smoothed away at home with a variety of tools, creams, and peels.

I’ve put together a number of detailed guides and reviews, but have included some quick overviews of the best and most commonly used callus remover products and methods below.

Quick Tips on Treatments for Calluses from Feet

At, we have put together a table with some quick tips to help you understand which treatment is for each type of callus:

SizeLocationOur Tips
Electric Callus RemoversElectric Callus Removers can be used to treat any size callusAnywhere on the bodySkin will be left over. Make sure to put paper towes/cloth underneath your body part for easy cleaning.
Callus PeelsCallus Peels can be used to treat any size callus except for small callusesOnly feet and legsThese are easiest to use but if you have frequent calluses, this can be an expensive option.
Callus Remover GelsCallus Remover Gels can only be used to treat large callusesOnly feet and legsUsually for hard to remove calluses.
Callus Foot FileCallus Foot Files can be used to treat any size callusAnywhere on the bodyThese grater-style removers will be painful since they require scrubbing.

Best Callus Remover Tool Reviews

Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File Review

amope pedi perfect reviewFeatures

An electronic foot file serves the same purpose as a pumice stone without the effort. It replaces elbow grease with battery power.

Amopé produces electrical beauty products and creams. Their website is aimed at women, with a target audience of females who practice regular beauty routines.

This particular product features a replaceable head, much like a razor, which spins 360 degrees for even filing. The product requires 4 AA batteries (included). Unlike pumice stones, this version of Pedi Perfect should not be used on wet feet and is best used on dry skin. The description advises users not to keep the product on one area of skin for more than 3 or 4 seconds, a warning echoed in the reviews.

Make sure to check out our more detailed review of the Amope Pedi Perfect here.

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Customer Sentiment

Reviews are generally positive and praise the machine’s ability to reduce problem calluses that had proven resistant to other at-home remedies. A few reviewers claimed the spinning motion of the sanding head did not stand up to the pressure needed to take care of thicker calluses, but far more complimented the tool’s efficiency. The drawbacks include mess-making, because although the roller head can be easily removed for cleaning, the spinning action flings pieces of removed skin in the area. Sanding heads and batters must also be periodically replaced depending on the frequency and intensity of use. This device also costs considerably more than its competitors. In general, it is seen as the best electric callus remover available in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Does not strain hands
  • Easy to clean
  • More effective than other similar treatments
  • Immediate results


  • May not stand up to strong pressure
  • Can remove too much skin if used on one area more than a few seconds
  • Makes a mess
  • Requires replacement heads and batteries over time

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Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp Review

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp reviewFeatures

Pedicure rasps are long, flat tools designed to scrape away dead skin in the same way a zester removes the skin from an orange.

Although the Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp may look like a cheese-grater, that is only because it’s made by a company that also makes kitchen and woodworking tools. That may not boost your confidence in this product as a beauty or medical tool, but this particular rasp has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Customer Sentiment

Product reviews describes the product as “a chainsaw for your feet.” No one claimed the rasp was not hardy enough to meet their needs. The most common complaints pointed out the lack of shaving catcher and the resulting mess. The other, more dangerous, complaint came from those who used the tool too aggressively. Several reviewers claim to have injured themselves with over-zealous rasping, and they paid the price with several long days of pain.


  • Capable of removing very tough calluses and problem spots
  • Easy to use
  • No refills or re-purchases required
  • Fairly easy to clean
  • Immediate results


  • Can cause pain and/or damage if used too vigorously
  • Can make a mess

Click here to see reviews and prices for Microplane Colossal Pedicure Foot Rasp on

Baby Foot: Deep Exfoliation For Feet Peel Review

baby foot remover peelFeatures

Unlike the tools above, this system relies on chemistry to do the work of removing your calluses. Claiming to be the original foot peel, Baby Foot uses gel-lined booties to trigger a peel of all the dead skin from the affected area. Like Amopé, the website is aimed specifically at female customers and encourages purchases for not only medical, but aesthetic reasons.

Each package includes one pair of non-reusable booties. This means that every time you want to soften your feet or remove a callus, you must order an entirely new set. With that in mind, Baby Foot might just be the most expensive system out of the three.


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Customer Sentiment

Product reviews give a realistic overview of Baby Foot’s function. Very few reviews specifically reference calluses, and while most of the top reviews are positive, they also point out the treatment requires about a week to work – plus additional soaking time not mentioned in the instructions. Although there is less immediate work for the customer, a week of repetitive soaks is required for maximum effect.


  • Comparably gentle on feet
  • Treats entire foot rather than specific problem areas
  • Creates a containable mess
  • Very un-intimidating


  • Takes a week to produce results
  • May not be effective on particularly thick/tough calluses
  • Must purchase entirely new system to use again
  • Highly varied results

Click here to see reviews and prices for Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation Peel on

Final Thoughts

Your choice should reflect your situation on what is the best callus remover.

If you have thin calluses on a few areas of your feet, the Pedi Perfect Electric File is probably the best choice. On the other hand, if you need to remove stubborn calluses quickly, the Microplane Colossal Rasp’s has proven to be one of the most effective options. If you have a bit of time and you want to remove dry skin on your feet as opposed to targeted calluses The Baby Foot Peel’s reviews are very much described as a good product for dry skin removal. Very few of the top reviews mention the effectiveness of callus removal, and the process is time consuming.

As you can see, each product has its benefits, and hopefully this will help you pick the most suited for you based on your particular needs.