About Me

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My name is Sara and I know firsthand how painful, unattractive and embarrassing calluses can be.

Growing up I played a lot of sport, so my feet were under a lot of pressure and being knocked about 5-6 times per week! Calluses, blisters and stubbed toes were almost a daily occurrence! I didn’t mind so much in those days, as whilst they hurt at times, I was generally wearing closed in shoes so no-one around me was any the wiser. When I finished college and started working professionally, that was a whole other story! For one, I use heals more often which surprisingly cause even more issues than my sneakers did. Secondly, my feet are on show a little bit more than they used to be as these heals just don’t cover as much as my sneakers did!

I created Callus Guide because I know callus removal isn’t always something that comes up over coffee with friends, but I think it’s important you have the answers you need to help you choose the best and most appropriate product for you.

I can imagine how difficult it can be to choose a heated foot spa, a foot massager or even a callus remover when you do not have time to hit the stores. So you want to shop at home, but there’s usually too little, or often too much information with a bit of a bias view on what’s hot, and what’s NOT!

That’s basically why I started this site!

Our feet play a pretty central part in our day to day life – I mean, they’re in use more a less every hour of the day!  So it’s important we look after them and give them a little love. You’ll find a really quick and easy comparison charts, product reviews, articles that compare different callus removal methods and products, and just as important – how to manage and prevent them coming back!

I’ve tried my best to round up the best information I’ve tried and found so you have the most information possible in a way that’s easy to understand so you can make the right decision for you.

I hope you find your answer and get the healthy happy feet you deserve!

Sara xxx