Aisilk Earth Lava Pumice Stone Review

Aisilk Earth Lava Pumice StoneAre you having trouble removing dead skin on your feet? Did it accumulate to a certain thickness that ordinary scrubs don’t work on your skin anymore? Have you tried out natural treatments to peel the thick layer of skin? It will take you some days or weeks to finish the treatment and to finally get rid of it.  Fortunately, Aisilk made it possible by selling pumice stones made naturally from volcanoes in Egypt.

This amazing pumice stone can both be for personal use or for spa owners who would like to try and test out the product. It will give you and your customers a more satisfying scrub. It is by form, rough, but is gentle enough for use on your skin. It does have a variety of applications but it’s mostly known and related to salons for use in foot scrubs or manicures and pedicures.


  • It is naturally made and not at all synthetic. It came from the volcanoes around Egypt and were collected and shaped as needed.
  • This product is perfect for manicures, pedicures, or foot scrubs.
  • The pumice stones are also great as a long lasting tool for foot maintenance as it does not decay.
  • This is ideal for exfoliation. It easily removes corns, calluses and stains.
  • It is ergonomically designed to be an ideal salon tool. It is easy to carry as it comes with a strap inserted through a machine-made hole in the upper part of the stone.
  • The product is very cheap and affordable but the quality of the pumice stone and how it is refined may be equal to other expensive synthetic forms of scrubs.
  • It keeps the skin soft as a baby’s.
  • A small bag, a user’s manual that teaches the proper ways of using the stone and a warranty from Aisilk comes along.

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  • The size of the stone is just enough to fit in your hand. The roughness also adds some friction to make holding a more convenient. Plus, it makes it a lot easier for you to move the stone to clean the right spots on your feet.
  • It can instantly smoothen and thin the thick skin on your feet where callouses form without hurting you.
  • It can also be used to exfoliate other parts of your body such as the back, hands, chest, abdomen, legs, and underarms.


  • The refined pumice stone is a bit delicate. It can break if it slips from your hand and falls.
  • An ordinary rough stone can do the work just as fine which would cost you much less or none at all.


The Aisilk Earth Lava Pumice Stone is an excellent investment if you own a spa. The application from pedicure down to foot scrubs or any other part of the body is exfoliated as well as provided sufficient comfort. It can also be a home bathroom exfoliating tool that can be used when you take a bath. It is also not that pricey, in fact, it is very affordable and easy on the pocket.

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