Is the ProLinc Callus Eliminator Any Good? In-depth Review

ProLinc Callus Eliminator review

ProLinc Callus Eliminator is effectively a blend of mild acids that eats away at the dead skin of your feet, softening chemical bonds and triggering sloughs of dead skin (although it is important to note that this is not, technically, a sloughing lotion).

As one of the most popular brands of callus remover in the foot care industry, ProLinc Callus Eliminator has a lot of good advertising and paid placements to draw consumers’ attention. But do the results validate the hype? According to the official website, ProLinc is the number one professional choice. In the hands of at-home pedicure aficionados and callus patients, however, it might enjoy or suffer different ratings.

Product Review of the ProLinc Callus Eliminator


The official description claims that just two treatments of 3 to 5 minutes can remove calluses, thereby saving time and effort. Still, that’s twice as many treatments as many other callus removers claim to require. Is this simply a more honest description of the steps involved, or a confession of shortcomings? Even the best reviews support the description’s claim, advising other potential users that more than one treatment is needed.

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There are essentially two ways to remove a callus: you can buy rough or sharp tools to grind and cut away the thick skin, or you can use chemical treatments and sloughing lotions to weaken the hardened skin so it will come off more easily. Many products recommend crossover steps between these two groups, and ProLinc is no exception. Instructions advise not only two applications, but instruct users to actually remove the callus with a file or buffer after rinsing off the product.

If your calluses have proven too tough for most other products and files to handle, ProLinc might be able to ease your struggle. ProLinc allows you to use other filing and buffing products you might have, but by softening the hard skin, ProLinc can help a file dispose of a callus it could barely dent before. After all, two products might work better together than they do on their own.

Here is a video explaining how to apply this product:

Support and Online Options

ProLinc has one of the best websites in the business, and the page for the Callus Eliminator features careful directions, including an embedded instructional video. Similar products, including Callus Eliminator Orange, are available on ProLinc’s official website, and the original Callus Eliminator is available in various sizes not only through the official website, but several third party websites as well. Since you cannot scrape off and reuse Callus Eliminator, the larger the size of your purchase, the more treatments you get. It’s best to buy small at first – only enough for a handful of treatments – before you invest in the literal tubs of product available. You should make sure the product works for your feet without causing any adverse reactions before spending the money and shelf-space to buy a massive supply.

Callus Eliminator does require a few additional investments. You will need gloves, because the official instructions state you should avoid skin contact with the product in any area besides the callus you plan to remove. You will also, as we’ve mentioned, need some kind of file or buffing tool – like a pumice stone. Although Callus Eliminator can do a lot of the work for you, the weakened calluses will need a little incentive to fall away.

Customer Sentiment

With a few exceptions, there are two kinds of sentiment for this product: those who read the instructions before using it and those who did not. Those who read the instructions may critique the number of times they needed to apply the product to remove their worst calluses, but those who did not read the instructions flatly state the product does not work after one application. Since the official instructions claim that users will need to apply the product at least twice, it is easy to split the users into their respective camps.

Positive people describe using the product even after the original callus has been removed. As calluses grew back – as all calluses will unless you change footwear – several others happily described how their regular treatments with Callus Eliminator kept their feet baby soft and ready for sandal weather. Many users describe how much money they saved by using this product regularly instead of making monthly trips to the salon. Many of the same people mention horribly cracked heels and calluses that the Callus Eliminator helped remove.

Remember, this product is effectively a weak acid, and if you do not wash it off as directed, it will burn you. Several reviewers suffered this mistake – or perhaps hoped to take off more callus by leaving the product on their feet longer than directed – and the results were far from comfortable.


  • Can weaken calluses to ease removal
  • Safe for multiple treatments
  • Multiple sizes available to suit your needs
  • Can work in conjunction with other tools


  • Non-reusable
  • Can burn if used incorrectly or on delicate skin
  • Requires multiple treatments
  • Requires additional tools

Our Rating

  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Price


Overall great product that gets the job done!


Final Thoughts

There really is no one size fits all callus removal product. Your ideal product will meet your expectations and suit your individual needs. Do you need to remove a callus in a one step process? If so, this is not the right product for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a long term solution you can continue to use in the future, then this is a great product. Remember to follow directions to manage both safety and your expectations. This product will require multiple treatments, and you will need additional tools to complete the job.

Reviewers consistently compare it to salon and spa treatments, backing up ProLinc’s claim to be the number one professional choice. Although this product is not suited to all users, it has won some very high praise from a consistent number of reviewers. If you are looking into chemical treatments for your feet, put ProLinc Callus Eliminator to the test.

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