How to Remove Thick Calluses in 2018

No callus is comfortable, but thick calluses are the most likely to cause pain and warrant medical attention. Although your doctor may decide to remove problem calluses that cause regular pain or discomfort, there are plenty of ways to treat calluses at home, even the toughest, most determined specimens.

Cause of Thick Calluses

Calluses can happen in all parts of your feet
Calluses can happen in all parts of your feet

Contrary to popular belief, calluses do not grow back faster when you file, buff, or peel them away. However, since calluses are usually a sign that your feet need to protect themselves (likely from your shoes), you will probably have to get rid of more calluses in the same area sometime in the future – especially if you choose not to change your footwear. High heels are lovely, but they do take a toll on your feet. Even if you do change shoes, it will take your feet some time to adjust, and you will likely have to remove re-grown calluses once or twice before you experience the benefits of better shoes.

Another common cause of thick, recurring calluses is diabetes. Neuropathy is a painful and dangerous side effect that can complicate an already tender problem. No one likes the idea of taking off layers of skin, but for those with diabetes, this challenging issue can become a serious health crisis due to the increased risk of infection in even the tiniest open wound. It’s always best for those with such health risks to consult their podiatrist before using over the counter products.

What to Look for in a Callus Removal Product

So, what should you look for in a product to remove thick calluses? First of all, you should look for something that does the job quickly and thoroughly. If you have to perform repeated treatments to remove a single callus, you will become very tired of staring at your feet very quickly.

Secondly, a durable product that requires few replacement pieces is ideal for handling thick calluses that will likely grow back over time.

Thirdly, look for a product that does not require soaking your feet before treatment, especially if you suffer from diabetes, since soaking your feet can increase problems with regularly dry skin.

We have found one of the best reviewed and most effective tools on the market. It is marketed specifically towards buyers with thick calluses, and the reviews back up the bluster. Continue reading for more details.

Best Product to Remove Thick Calluses

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp Review


Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp reviewIn the product’s opening description on several ads and third party websites, the makers claim it is designed to eliminate “thick callused skin.” Not many products make such overt claims, however this product is all about performance with very few bells and whistles. It is designed for function above all, which is of little surprise since a visit to the official Microplane website will lead you to a choice between kitchen tools, personal care, and woodworking. This product looks like a cheese grater because it is intimately related to one. This file also has one of the largest filing surfaces on the market, which may seem intimidating at first glance, but serves to both lengthen and broaden your reach.

Sanitation is one of the primary concerns for those who suffer from diabetes when using a file or pumice stone. These tools are typically not easily sanitized, however the Colossal Pedicure Rasp features surgical grade stainless steel, and while it will probably not be sanitary after one or two passes across your callus, it is significantly easier to sanitize and keep clean than most other files or buffing instruments.

It is important to note that this product only appears to be available on third party websites, as the official Microplane website does not appear to carry this particular style any longer.

We also did a more in-depth review of this Microplane rasp here.

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp-pink reviewClick here to see reviews and prices for the Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp on

Customer Sentiment

There are many rasps and files on the market, and while there are plenty of highly reviewed and well-made items, this product earns consistently high praise – especially from those users with thick, stubborn calluses. A former athlete praised the effectiveness of the tool, and happily declared that this file had taken off years’ of rough callus build-up other tools and treatments had failed to remove. The same review featured an image of a pile of dead skin removed with the file, which leads to a minor critique shared by several users: this product can make a mess. It is best to use this file in an easily-cleaned environment, such as a bathroom or over a disposable paper/washable towel.

Many more reviews compliment the speed and efficiency of this file. It is important to remind those suffering from neuropathy, however, that this file is effective at removing skin, and it would be all too easy to remove a little too much and wind up in more pain than you started with. Make sure to check with your doctor before using any rasps or files.


  • Removes calluses quickly
  • Removes calluses other products could not
  • Stainless steel file is easy to clean
  • Specifically designed to handle tough calluses


  • Messy
  • Can easily remove too much skin with overly-vigorous use

Final Thoughts

Dealing with calluses is always a troublesome endeavor, but when those calluses resist treatment after treatment, a frustrating exercise in personal care can turn into a regular nightmare. Although it will take more than a single treatment to keep calluses away, the Colossal Pedicure Rasp is one of if not the best product on the market for getting rid of thick calluses and revealing the soft, living skin beneath. Although it may not serve the needs of patients with neuropathy, it is an excellent tool for removing calluses built from activity, shoes, etc.

Its success where other tools have failed speaks more to the Colossal Rasp’s worth than its components or claims. It is a tried and true product, and even if it looks like something that escaped from your kitchen, it makes a fine addition to any pedicure kit or grooming set. This file removes thick, hard calluses in minutes, and since it needs no replacement parts or batteries, it is ready to file down any callus that dares return. Although every pair of feet is different, and every callus reflects those differences, this file has a proven track record of evening the playing field, so to speak.

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